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Mogami Platinum Guitar Cable

These cables blow away the competition! For years I used a Monster Rock cable. Not any more. After A/B-ing the Platinum Mogami against my Monster I was amazed at the added fullness and clarity that the Mogami cables provide. Give them a try & they'll blow you away! - Tim N - Sales Manager

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Most musical instrument sound pick-ups, for example those in electric guitars, are comprised of high impedance circuits driven mainly by voltage, with very little electrical current flow. That is why handling noise (microphonics) can be a problem for guitar cables. Microphonic noise is caused by the minute voltage generated when a cable is flexed, stepped on, etc. Guitar cables must be designed to prevent this, so a conductive PVC layer is placed under the shield conductor to drain away this voltage. Note: This conductive layer must be stripped back when wiring, or a partial short will result.

Part No. W2319 W2524
Conductor Details 12/0.18TA 50/0.12A
Size(mm²) 0.305mm² (#23AWG) 0.565mm² (#20AWG)
Insulation Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.6Ø (0.063") 2.7Ø (0.106")
Material PE
Color Clear
Sub-Shield Ov. Dia.(mm) 1.8Ø (0.071") 3.3Ø (0.130")
Material Conductive PVC (Carbon PVC)
Color Black
Main-Shield Served-Shield Approx. 38/0.16TA Approx. 55/0.18A
Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm) 5.0Ø (0.197") 6.0Ø (0.236")
Material PVC
Color Black
Roll Sizes 100m (328Ft) 100m (328Ft) / 200m (656Ft)
Weight per 100m (328Ft) roll 3.5Kg 5.1Kg

Part No. W2319 W2524
DC Resistance at 20°C Inner Conductor 0.064W/m(0.020W/Ft) 0.033W/m(0.010W/Ft)
Shield Conductor 0.026W/m(0.0079W/Ft) 0.014W/m(0.0043W/Ft)
Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C 155pF/m (47.3pF/Ft) 130pF/m (39.7pF/Ft)
Inductance 0.3µH/m (0.092µH/Ft) 0.2µH/m (0.061µH/Ft)
Electrostatic Noize* 0.13mV Max. 0.15mV Max.
Electromagnetic Noise At 10kHz* 0.07mV Max. 0.07mV Max.
Microphonics* 0.3mV Max 0.3mV Max
Voltage Breakdown Must withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance 100000 MW × m Min. at DC 500V , 20°C
Flex Life 11,000 cyles 15,000 cyles
Tensile Strength (26°C, 65%RH) 303 N 578 N
Emigration Non-emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature -20°C~ +60°C(-4°F~ +140°F)
*Using standard testing methods of Mogami Wire & Cable Corp.

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